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Life Care Planning and
Future Care Cost Reporting

The catastrophically injured, or persons with serious illnesses, can require multiple types of expensive care and rehabilitation therapy only partly covered by government programs...or not at all. The Life Care Plan has become recognized as the single most authoritative reference for the determination of care and financial needs for such individuals. Success in securing the funds for current and future needs is pivotal to the maintenance of health, the pursuit of educational or vocational goals, and generally, the attainment of a lifestyle one would have led had the injury or illness not occurred.

There is no Substitute for Expertise and Experience

When it comes to Life Care Planning and Reporting, there is no substitute for expertise and experience. At Rehab First, Life Young girl in wheelchairCare Planning is a dedicated professional practice whose members, in addition to being from one or more regulated disciplines, are all Canadian Certified Life Care Planners. Our multi-disciplinary group is comprised of Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Kinesiologistsand Rehabilitation Case Managers who have had extensive community rehabilitation, hospital and related clinical experience before becoming Life Care Planners.

Authoritative, comprehensive and concise, Rehab First’s reports are exemplary. All reports adhere to the rigorous International Academy of Life Care Planners standards of practice and-especially important for legal claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary losses-they stand up to the scrutiny of defence counsel, expert witnesses and the courts. Reports are peer reviewed twice: by a Medical Editor and then by a practitioner who has been recognized by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice as an expert in Life Care Planning.

Our clients and their families, as well as legal guardians and legal representatives are assured of reports that are balanced, objective and validated. Validation is by the signed reports of independent experts and/or the Viva Voce evidence of our Life Care Planners.

Methods and Standards

Two men looking at reports on laptopsBoth the qualitative and quantitative aspects of reports require technical expertise in a number of disciplines.Expect the following: informed research skills, current data about prevailing care practices, an understanding of the optimal units of care for different condition types, and current and projected costs. In other words, our reports are founded on expert knowledge and high standards of data accuracy and integrity.

To maximize quality, accuracy and reliability, we utilize our proprietary information technology, LifeCareAnalyst™ to capture prevailing regional costs, facilitate instantaneous cost comparisons and research and propagate our cost schedules.

Our Rehab First credo “Building Futures”, inspires our Life Care Planners to respond to clients’ care needs, their rehabilitation needs, and their ambitions as well. Reports are both comprehensive and realistic. As such, they serve as invaluable references for personal injury lawyers and insurers for the precision of costs for the goods and services clients will need to live productive lives in spite of their disability.

Specialized Analyses and Reports

Our versatility is unmatched. We also have extensive expertise for specialized plans and reports:

  • Preliminary life care plans
  • Supported by the deep medical expertise of our MEDNet® roster of physicians, psychologists, and other health care professionals
  • Housekeeping and home maintenance assessments
  • Custom or category-specific assessments (e.g. attendant care, treatment, medications, etc.)
  • Goal-specific analyses and reports
  • Critiques of third-party life care plans or future care cost assessments
  • Customizable cost charting
  • Expert witness testimony


Sample life care plan 

Our Certified Life Care Planners Can:

  • Prepare customized comprehensive Life Care Plan reports for all types of injuries or illnesses, including catastrophically impaired clients
  • Issue preliminary Life Care Plan reports
  • Perform housekeeping and home-maintenance assessments
  • Complete rush reports with a quick turnaround to meet tight deadlines
  • Critique Future Care Cost Reports or Life Care Plans
  • Provide expert testimony

How to Engage Us

Simply call (1-888-734-2290) or email us for a no-obligation consultation. One of our Life Care Planning professionals will answer your questions and, when appropriate, provide you with a time and fee estimate.

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