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Principles and Values

Philosophies that are Based on Principles and Values

Man and woman conversing at laptopOur Consultants are indispensable resources essential to clients' betterment and well being. Inspiring their dedication is a marriage of beliefs and practices that explain why we say that "Building Futures" is our professional mission. But there's more. And it has to do with the values and principles that guide us.


Our Conduct is Based on Values

Sincerity: We speak the language that promotes and sustains relationships that are based on trust.

We believe in bringing together the talents of the parts to create the strength of the whole.

Commitment: We consistently place our best talents at the service of our clients, their representatives and their caregivers.

Our Performance is Based on Principles

Positive Impact: We advance the interests of clients by exploring better alternatives when standard approaches fall short.

Quality: We pay uncompromising attention to excellence to achieve a consistent record of results.

Community: We understand that we are but one of a number of professionals whose efforts must be coordinated to maximize success for our clients.


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Medical Professionals, Employers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Insurers, Hospital Discharge Professionals, the WSIB and Consumers. Our referral partners recognize our uncommon approach to case assignments, which starts with an understanding of their respective regulatory, compliance, benefit and funding contexts.

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