The Power of Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation

MedNet® is a logical expression of our full service philosophy and yet another chapter in the Rehab First success story. The Medical professional using a laptopdramatic growth of our firm means that we are now able to extend a comprehensive array of services to more clients and for more case types in a greatly enlarged service area.

MedNet® signifies the expansion of our already extensive assessment and treatment capabilities to include medical assessments and psychological assessments and treatments, and assessments and treatments from health disciplines such as physiotherapy and nutrition

Delivering on the Multi-Disciplinary Promise

The clinical literature is definitive: persons with severe injuries or illnesses respond best to the multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment model. Complementary to Rehab First’s corepractice disciplines, MedNet® plays a vital role in making the model available to more Rehab First clients

Clients and Referral Partners Benefit

Access to multiple disciplines in a full service, collaborative environment has its advantages. It means that we are able to actively co-ordinate and manage all of the services on each of our case files. It also means that we are alert to changes in clients’ conditions and are able to gain insights into new or changing rehabilitation needs.

  • Both standard and specialized assessments and treatments can be arranged through a single co-ordinating point of contact
  • You can be assured that all professionals have met our stringent qualification standards
  • You can expect timely, objective and defensible assessment reports

Trusted and chosen by...

Medical Professionals, Employers, Personal Injury Lawyers, Insurers, Hospital Discharge Professionals, the WSIB and Consumers. Our referral partners recognize our uncommon approach to case assignments, which starts with an understanding of their respective regulatory, compliance, benefit and funding contexts.

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